Paper Rocket Productions is dedicated to telling stories from multiple spectrums of the Indigenous perspective; we promote Native stories, insight and entertainment for Indigenous communities around the world.



Paper Rocket Productions has the expertise to help market your idea as a creative narrative for your ambitious project.


production services

Paper Rocket Productions has full production capabilities! Let us pioneer your project- we can take any film from it's infancy stages of conceptualization to it's beautiful ending on the big screen!



From portraits to specialized event coverage we have the team to gather all your photography needs.

We welcome collaborative efforts to drive contemporary innovative visions in support of Indigenous expression.


Our crew can help manage, develop, and produce every process of production you need for your idea; wether, be it low-budget single camera operation to in-studio productions.


Paper Rocket Productions is a full-service video production company based in Flagstaff, AZ. 


If you need interviews, documented events, or scenic landscape, our crew is here for you. It is vital to ensure that your production has the highest quality for internet and commercial output.


We offer photography services to document your needs.


We are well versed in documenting your event, or to take portraits for your business for use in advertising and marketing campaigns. 


Most projects require a unique blend of art to spread their message.


We are Native American independent filmmakers who have accomplished a wide array of film projects involving youth-made PSA, workshops, digital story telling, and documentaries. The nature of the program is to educate participants on the importance of utilizing visual devices in efforts to construct; digital media, multimedia, news media, and new media.