About Us

Paper Rocket Productions is a company set on telling stories from multiple spectrums of the indigenous perspective. Through our creative vision, we thrive in exposing what mainstream media fails to overlook. Paper Rocket Productions is dedicated to the empowerment filmmaking gives to our viewers and to witness a piece of culture different from their own.

Our Production Company promotes native stories, insight and entertainment for indigenous communities from around the world. We partner with filmmakers and artist who have worked within their professional industries to inspire a contemporary vision for Indigenous art.

We are committed to straighten our services with grassroots organizations, non-profit organizations, corporate and entrepreneurs who lack professional video and commercial products. By incorporating media into cultural perspectives we will convey to a wider audience that highlights Environmental, Human Rights and Social Discrepancies; evident in our indigenous communities.

Meet The Crew

Deidra PeachesDeidra Peaches (Navajo) began her filmmaking career with the short film "Imagine" for the National Musuem of the American Indian's showcase "Thanksgiving Revisted: New views by Young Filmmakers". In 2009 her documentary "Shimasani" was showcased at the Imaginative Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. In 2011, Deidra produced the film "The Rocket Boy" that premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival along with with frequent collaborators Donavan Seschillie and Jake Hoyungowa. Today Deidra continues to Produce and Direct Documentaries and Short Films with Paper Rocket Productions. 
Jake HoyungowaJake Hoyungowa (Navajo/Hopi) is a independent filmmaker from The Western Navajo Nation. In his early 20s Jake was cinematographer for the short film "The Rocket Boy" directed by Donavan Seschillie (Ambient Lens) produced by Deidra Peaches (Paper Rocket Productions). Jake continues to collaborate with Indigenous filmmakers from around the United States.


Video Production Services

Paper Rocket Productions is dedicated to telling indigenous stories throughout the country. Our company is based in Northern Arizona which provides an abundant amount of desert landscapes, mountains and forests needed for your production.

We approach each project as if it were a full production of a film, from Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production.

What We Do

Paper Rocket Productions produces projects for clients who need videos for their business and organizations.

Corporate Events Entertainment Commercial
Marketing Convention Music Video Web Video
Fundraising Family Documentaries Promotional
Educational Weddings Independent Film Social Media


Deidra Peaches

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Jake Hoyungowa

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