Paper Rocket Productions was created to specialize in Commercial, Corporate, Narrative Film Production and location photography/Videography. Our company was launched in 2011 located in Northern Arizona covering not only Arizona County’s but Indian Reservations. 100% of our staff currently are members of the Navajo Reservation who have networked with organizations and production companies from around the country who are dedicated to produce corporate projects, commercial and entertainment projects with our clients.

Film Production is an untapped industry in the Northern Arizona region especially on the Navajo/Hopi Reservations. We are committed to strengthen our services with local grassroots Organizations, non-Profit Organizations, Corporate and Small Business Owners and other Media Professionals in Northern Arizona. In our developmental years as freelance filmmakers we’ve seen outside companies work on the Navajo/Hopi reservations who’ve never utilized local talent for their productions. Paper Rocket Productions will be at the forefront of networking with Professional Native Filmmakers and upcoming Native Student filmmakers who aspire to create projects on their Reservation.

Paper Rocket Productions tells stories that are often neglected by the mainstream film industry. Currently there is an evolving displacement in the Native Youth who are associated with the “Reservation”. This growing trend is not only due to inefficient economic development on the Rez but also due to the lack of Governmental Maintenance. The feeling of neglect experienced by Native Youth has now transpired towards many Native American communities. By Utilizing the medium of film and media we will convey to a wider audience that highlights Human Rights and Social Discrepancies.Deidra - Editor

Deidra PeachesWriter, Editor, Producer and Cinematographer for Paper Rocket Productions. Deidra Peaches (Navajo) began her directorial debut career, when she made Imagine for the National Museum of the American Indian’s showcase “Thanksgiving Revisited: New Views by Young Filmmakers.” In 2009 her documentary Shimasani debut at the Imaginative Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. In 2011, Peaches produced a film entitled “The Rocket Boy,” which premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Along with colleagues, Donavan Seschillie and Jake Hoyungowa, the production company Paper Rocket Productions LLC was formed. Currently Peaches and Hoyungowa are working on a feature length documentary entitled, “Water is Life.” 






Jake - DP




Jake HoyungowaCinematographer and Director/Producer, Jake Hoyungowa (Navajo/ Hopi) is Co-Owner of Paper Rocket Productions founded in 2011 following a short film entitled, “The Rocket Boy” that attended the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. In his meantime, Jake devotes much of his time to creating documentaries, volunteering as a mentor with Longhouse Media based in Seattle all while exploring numerous fields of visual arts media on and off the Navajo Reservation. Jake began his filmmaking career in the 2001 with childhood friend Donavan Seschillie(Ambient Lens) and Deidra Peaches(Paper Rocket Productions) who have since worked on numerous projects together. Jake was born in Tuba City, Arizona and currently resides in Flagstaff, Arizona, where he conducts daily operations for Paper Rocket Productions.