We produce: Short documentaries, Short film, media coverage, music videos and feature length content in Northern Arizona. In order to keep the lights on, we need your help! 

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What your donation is supporting:


We are currently in production of Three feature documentaries in regards to Indigenous communities at the forefront of climate change and land protection.

Music VideoS

We often collaborate with artist on the Navajo Nation, this time we want to create unique works of art that express the vision of local Navajo Artist on the Navajo Nation. 

Short Documentaries

Our films are free to the public once it hits Youtube or Vimeo. We would love to make more content without having to utilize ad revenue from views.

Our mission is to provide uniquely tailored video productions & services to Indigenous communities throughout the world. It is our passion to invest our talents to innovative new approaches for cultural preservation, social impact and community development within indigenous communities.

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