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Indigenous Communities at the forefront of climate change and fossil fuel extraction

60min. | Directed by: Deidra Peaches & Jake Hoyungowa

Phase: Post - Production - Editing

Protect is a story that explores the journey in route to Philadelphia, PA. by members who are apart of communities impacted first-hand by the legacy of natural resources extraction.

Throughout the country, oil and gas industry continues to run rampant despite its negative impact towards human health. At a disproportion, marginalized communities-especially that of Indigenous communities -are at high risk to due to their proximity and accessibility to natural resources.



"untitled" Grand Canyon Confluence project

60 mins | Directed by: Jake Hoyungowa & Deidra Peaches

Phase: Production - Shooting Interviews

The Grand Canyon and many of its tributaries are under threat to corporate interest. To many of the surrounding indigenous communities the Grand Canyon is home and is considered a spiritual place for everyone seeking its tranquility. Their ancestors have direct ties to the Confluence area where both the Little Colorado River and the Colorado River join.

This film will explore the sacredness each tribe holds dear to protect what they have left. We will witness what they consider, home.


Tó éí ííná át'e: Water Is Life

90 mins | Directed by: Deidra Peaches & Jake Hoyungowa | Music Composed by: BC Campbell

Short Summary

Tó éí ííná át'é (Water is Life) is a film illustrating environmental and social issues impacting indigenous nations in the Southwest of the United States. Two filmmakers (Peaches and Hoyungowa) guide us through the history of industry and the indigenous perspective often overlooked by mainstream media.