MISSION: Paper Rocket Productions (PRP) mission is to provide uniquely tailored video production services and support, by incorporating the latest in Video Production Technology to author sophisticated and creative content. Currently their is a displacement of media literacy, in Indigenous communities not owned or operated by Indigenous people. PRP thrives to inspire indigenous community members to convey their stories through Motion-Picture, Digital-Media and Photography. We are dedicated to give our audience's a new perspective of Indigenous people throughout the world.

ABOUT: Paper Rocket Productions (PRP) is a Flagstaff, Northern-Arizona based independent media company. As an independent media company, PRP provides audio/visual needs for organizations, individuals and other creative companies making everlasting strides within Indigenous communities. We provide initial engagement, conception & project development for Documentaries, Short Film, Music Video, Event Coverage & Promotional video productions. We believe by providing these services strengthens communication between communities and individuals who have the ideas & stories to empower future generations of Indigenous people. We're passionate, inventive and inspired by artist who make ever lasting changes in their communities. 

Very often organizations need promotional material, documentation and direct-to-audience projects. Successful campaigns feature detailed concepts to encourage a targeted audience to take some sort of action towards an idea. Visually appealing videos create an immediate impact for the modern audiences, communities and societies seeking change. It is our passion to invest our talents to innovative new approaches for cultural preservation, social impact and community development within indigenous communities.

Photo by: Sam Minkler 2011

Deidra Peaches

Director | Producer | Indi-Filmmaker | Film Editor

(Navajo) Born and raised in Flagstaff, AZ, Deidra owns and operates Paper Rocket Productions. In 2011, Peaches produced a film entitled “The Rocket Boy,” which premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Currently Peaches and Hoyungowa are working on a feature length documentary entitled, “Water is Life."

photo by: Sam Minkler 2011

Jake Hoyungowa

Cinematographer | Photographer | Indi-Filmmaker

(Navajo\Hopi) Born and raised in the village of Moenkopi, AZ, Jake owns and operates Paper Rocket Productions. Jake continues to collaborate with artist and fellow filmmakers around the country. He has gained much experience in the Documentary field as a Director of Photography.

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