Launched in 2011, Paper Rocket Productions serves over five hundred tribes across North America. Combining the art of storytelling with the art of filmmaking, they capture stories that are enriched with history and holistic principles.

Founders, Jake Hoyungowa and Deidra Peaches, utilize their unique skill set to preserve the voices of the past, to teach the future. Paper Rocket Productions strives to motivate young artists from Native communities to pick up their cameras, pick up their scripts and tell their stories.

Directed by: Deidra Peaches

Cinematography by: Jake Hoyungowa

In this film Deidra Peaches wanted to make a short documentary exploring the mindset of someone who lives a traditional Navajo lifestyle. Featured in this film is Deira's grandmother who continues to live on land she was raised on and continues to pass that knowledge onto to her grandchildren. We may not see her grandmother as much in the film, to respect her wishes of not wanting to be fully captured Jake captured the things that surround and build her character.

Directed by: Jake Hoyungowa

Score by: Ben Velazco, Brian Regan & Dylan Barnes - Coach

In this short film Jake wanted to capture the beauty from a birds eye view. With one of todays modern technological advances in Cinematography Jake utilizes a drone to capture some of Dine Bikeyah (Navajo land) most beautiful land formations. It is evident that we live on some of earths most precious land and many people seem to forget what it takes to live in beauty. To capture this feeling Jake combines a warm soundtrack created by the musicians of Coach, Ben Velazco, Brian Regan & Dylan Barnes.

Directed by: Deidra Peaches & Jake Hoyungowa

Produced by: Catapult Design - Heather Fleming

Catapult Designs is a company set on discovering new ideas and innovation for Indigenous communities. Their goal is to invite and empower innovation, technology & collaboration. In this film we capture the spirit of the Indigenous entrepreneur.

Directed by: Deidra Peaches & Jake Hoyungowa

Produced by: Tolani Lake Enterprises

In this film we explore the legacy of Navajo Uranium mining and the impacts to community members on the Navajo Nation. 

Directed by: Jake Hoyungowa

Nihigaal bee iina (Our Walk for Existence) is the journey of young Navajo people connecting back to the land of their ancestors and to make aware of the impacts of uranium extraction and other social ills impacting Navajo communities.